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About Numisec

Numisec is an international firm offering high-quality solutions in information security process automation. Our solutions delivers uniform, effective, optimised and highly automated Information Security Management System (ISMS), allowing our clients' to improve cost efficiency of information security management processes, increase productivity, reduce errors and simplify compliance. Our services division also works with our clients to analyse existing processes and implement custom state-of-the-art infosec automation solutions. We are also committed to conducting business with the highest standards of ethical conduct, honesty, integrity and accountability. To express this commitment, we expect all of our employees, business partners and suppliers to comply with company's Code of Conduct and Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy.


Improved productivity

repetitive security processes are standardised into predefined workflows; once implemented, automated workflows can be easily reused and further optimised to improver their quality and performance

Improved information flow

when required, security related information can be instantly collected, analysed, presented and even automatically result in actions within the entire infrastructure

Simplified compilance

use of workflows, improved information flow and automation of audit processes helps with regulatory compliance and audit requests

Increased business agility & cost efficiency

many tasks that currently take weeks, require multiple different experienced personnel and often third-party vendors, can now be completed within hours by single staff, reducing cost!

Increased accountability and decreased error

ensure correct execution of security processes

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